Sunday, October 25, 2009

I covered a Spin Cycle Lava song.

to hear the "Smothered" cover go to

Just got back from chasing a crazy little dog through the forests and now have to calm her neurotic side because she dunked herself in the river chasing critters. Nice.
Last night I whipped together a rough Spin Cycle Lava cover, a weird take on their old song "Smothered". It was the last track on their 1999 CD PILOT, which was on Error 404 Records. Error 404 also put out a compilation I helped organize back then which featured many local bands of the time like my old band Fuse, Spin Cycle, Shabutie, Closed Third Eye, Jerk Magnet, Mearth, Stealth and a slew more.
Anyway, I always liked that "Smothered" song and the shows with Spin Cycle were almost always a total blast. Some of my favorite memories of playing music.
check out some of their real music @