Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not every mermaid is out to drown you (helping hands)

Nepthys inspiring and protecting Pharaohs, nurse of flames, easing us into acceptance of death as part of life's grand process. Falcon wings of protection enfold like a blanket of dreams. Nereid's flitter amongst corral rookeries in lucid gatherings under the watery cradle of life's birth, our ocean mother, twin sister of space, in dialogue with time. Fierce faces with love underneath, Kali to Guadalupe, chthonic yet fertile as well, learn how to tell. Sirens wail but we know they'll fail and that the harpy's claws aren't going to prevent us from golden shores. Know when you are amongst friends. Listen to the rapturous encouragement of Urania as your prayers are answered and you manage to articulate all your pent up thoughts, surrendering to the flow of energy now bound to their host vehicle, small capsules of words that arrive like sailors lashed to a deck in a rollicking storm, suddenly finding themselves cool and collected amidst a calm and welcoming sea. All is not (ever) lost. Listen to me.