Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year Of The House Of The Flaming Rising Fawn...Champions (R.I.P. Isabelle/Peter/Dio)

this year=
best attended wedding ever. interviewed neurosis.worst break up ever.almost got shot in mississippi. healed a lot of rifts (not all). waffle house jalapenos. became really veggie again (thanks so much jess carraturo/dr. jubb/john fucking joseph/fell in love with kali mysticism (thanks jarboe)/lost my 8 year french pen pal to some band from arkansas (it's all good.xo). started work on pitchfork militia/peter head documentary that someday hopefuly will be finished. realised i have the best, best friends. The John. almost knocked out Stango in front of Sunoco and had crack dealers call the cops...on us. RIP JASON FOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must thank Earsplit Pr. Aged well. Just hung w my cousin Nat from London for first time since Divest was in Applehead. Feel truly spiritually blessed and so positive (thanks Stephanie). believe anything is possible. all my friends (real ones) just get smarter and better looking. drove through Texas blasting "Rock N Roll Johnny" by The Compulsions. Invented "Rainbow In The Dark" Drinks w my man Drew the night Dio died. um...ANTIDOTE 8!!!! (We are really good.Deal with it). Did a lot of things I regret as much as the things I am proud of...but am pretty damn glad that I helped get Ross The Boss to play my town on 9/11 with JTB,Shonda, Aggro or Die, Stench, The Standard Assault and all. Dealt with my father's cancer the best I could and tried to give him attention and space. Saw A Life Once Lost finally. made out with a lot of people I don't remember. Lost my almost wife/daughter. Wrote much of the best music of my life. Wasn't a pussy and went by greyhound to Chicago to see HUM reunite on memorial day (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!). Sabbath Assembly. Had "hex" talk and Red Wine/Hot Chip fun w Elijah.Ate mex food w Jelena. had many margaritas at El Danz. Became Thor "God Of thunder" and was rewarded by banging N.Portman in forthcoming film. Smoked green. Listened to lots of Type O. Played great gigs w Resurrection Sorrow. Interviewed Sean Yseult again. Got Cambria's baby to wave at me for the first time. Had great talk with Neesh at last show. Said Champions a lot. Listened to Ratt w Dave Daw. Realized Arthur C. would still be proud of 2010 even though no Jetsons cars. Went to Andy Animal's Meltdown. So glad I am vegetarian and not completely blind to all that goes on around me. kissed nice dogs. RIP Sparky (that was so sad). Metal, metal, metal. Have more fun than everyone who is too scared to catch up to what I know. Decided to write several books but ended up still reading a lot of other ones (don't's coming). Drank Joose at Matty Rice's apartment on Morgan Street. Stopped worrying about ex-girlfriends (most of them). So many good albums came out. Bobby Benjamin saw me puke on an eggplant mini-van full of children. Realized I have the best mom. had 1st thanksgiving w my sister Kari and had best time. oh yeah...met Eddie Ojeda and Steve Brown!!!!!!!!! Partied (best yet) w Murphy's Law. Booked the Queers (shhh...not announced yet). started dating my beautiful Emily. Had a great time w Christine Natanael at Mexcico/Harlem and realized we both hate the haters. Om. But Not. Gave peace a chance. King fucking Crimson. The charm of the spanish. saW nice boobs. drank margaritas... new crowbar...I am mellow. Went to Dallas and learned about the band ANONYMOUS from the psych "era" good! I love you all/metal/booze/unafraid people/fashion/true love.

hmmmm... ok...

Liberated Once=


Sunday, December 5, 2010

m.y.e. top 20 metal/punk albums of 2010, baby

Usually I spend a lot of time writing about records and bands but I am only including the album covers in this post because I want YOU to go hear the music yourself. People ask me how I find out about bands...simple= it is my life. I research, try and attract good music to me like a magnet and above all I listen. I love bands with a rich history as much as a new act that is learning how to shine or reach their zenith. I love music as sociology/history/catharsis/lifestyle. That said, please check out these 20 records because they really all are amazing and valid examples that the modern underground is alive and kicking.
p.s. my favorite is Sabbath Assembly. The story behind that record is so fucking coooool! Cheers and here's to 2011 on the way!