Sunday, December 5, 2010

m.y.e. top 20 metal/punk albums of 2010, baby

Usually I spend a lot of time writing about records and bands but I am only including the album covers in this post because I want YOU to go hear the music yourself. People ask me how I find out about bands...simple= it is my life. I research, try and attract good music to me like a magnet and above all I listen. I love bands with a rich history as much as a new act that is learning how to shine or reach their zenith. I love music as sociology/history/catharsis/lifestyle. That said, please check out these 20 records because they really all are amazing and valid examples that the modern underground is alive and kicking.
p.s. my favorite is Sabbath Assembly. The story behind that record is so fucking coooool! Cheers and here's to 2011 on the way!