Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My fave 10 records of 2009

1.Eagle Twin-THE UNKINDNESS OF CROWS(for two years in a row Utah of all places has the distinction of being the state responsible for my fave album of the year. Last year my fave record was Sub Rosa's STREGA. Eagle Twin's Southern Lord debut is beyond massive.
4.Giant Squid-THE ICTHYOLOGIST (mind-altering murk)
5.Mastodon-CRACK THE SKYE (can't help it. Stoner weirdo metal rules this year by far).
6.Cattle Decapitation-THE HARVEST FLOOR. (undeniable grind brutality)
7.The 69 Eyes-BACK IN BLOOD (best rock n' roll goth sleaze)
8.Wino-PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM (amazing solo release from the stoner rock legend+ w JP from Clutch on drums. Held up all year against many records even though it came out very early in '09).
9. A Day To Remember-HOMESICK (Victory Records boy's make pop/crossover gigantic and lots of fun even at it's poppiest. These songs have heart. Big guilty pleasure).
10.Nightmares For A Week-A FLOOD TOMORROW e.p.(outstanding job, boys! Feels like an album)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


old-school music scene photo book is on sale now just in time for the holidays: come to the BOOK RELEASE PARTY on Dec. 12 @ The Basement!KNUCKLEDIVER one time reunion/Bears With Wings/Peter Head+ John Fay jam + old school music listening party TONIGHT!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

KNUCKLEDIVER reunion show+SO MUCH FOR US Woodstock/Kingston scene photo book release!

The very unlikely has happened and the beast known as Knucklediver is gonna rise from the grave for a special Hudson Valley,NY underground music scene photo book release show. Not sure which members are gonna show up but we have not played since 1997 and let's just say it was never very organized in the first place! So... this is gonna be a wild fucking night. Lock up your Jameson/daughters/silverware.

The Basement,Broadway.Kingston,NY presents...
Saturday, December 12th
"So Much For Us" book release party w/
Reunion Show!!!

Bears With Wings
plus a listening party featuring local underground music legends

"So Much for Us" is a photo album chronicling the underground music scene of Woodstock and Kingston, New York during the late 90s and early 00s.

Bands include: Melancholy, Knucklediver, Fistfight, Shabutie, Pitchfork Militia, Jerk Magnet, Mearth, Slipfist, Joey's Throwing Elbows, Slugworth, 3, Brain Fuck Daddy, Vein Feed, Teknodrome, Stripsearch, Faedra's Ex Boyfriends, Stealth, Fuse, The Phlegm Chuckers, Cirrhosis, Bluefoot Nation, Pleonasm, Bleed Theory, Anadivine, Coheed and Cambria, and Divest.

The book was designed and edited by Zac Shaw, founder of local scene zine Pull, on which most of the book is based

Doors at 9pm
(Ages 21+, FREE) (Ages 18-20, $5)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Morgan Q+A about my music "career"

I did an interview with my friend Mia Torres for a project of hers and thought 'd repost the Q+A here and on my Walking Bombs page for anyone interested.

When did you get into music and start singing/playing music? How’d it happen? What was it like? ...

Music has always been there for me. I came from a musical family and played trombone for years at an early age. I was in a very high seating in my county for trombone and also did choral work before seeing The Guns N’ Roses video for “Sweet Child Of Mine” at an old Sears store and starting to ruin my life. I also incidentally heard George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” for the first time that day while looking at a purple light globe that pulsated along with the “huh!” in that song. I think the combination of those two influences really made a mark on me!
I was asked to be in a band by a drummer, Pat Howland, in high school for a battle of the bands. He was a very funny, large and goofy dude who when he sat behind a kit suddenly became the Tasmanian Devil. He is sadly no longer alive, but was a true friend and got me started playing rock. My first band was from Woodstock and was called Melancholy. This was about 1993.
There are no words to describe how liberating that time was.
Some of the bands we played with every weekend are now fairly well known, namely Shabutie (now Coheed and Cambria) and Three, and there was just boundless creativity and friendship. Cambria is actually my younger sisters name.
Later on I learned the sadder side of things when I got way too far into hard drugs and barely survived, only to have the many of my friends from the scene succumb to something they had seen ravage my life and kill Pat, only they fell prey to it ten years later when I was clean from heroin and they were either successful and should’ve known better or were struggling and had so much to lose. Many people have died in my vicinity over the years. It’s been the dark, bane of my existence.
I’m not against partying, but am against having a crippled perspective or seriously harming others with your actions. I also am guilty of having done both earlier on.
So it hasn’t all been a tea party, but there are so many amazing stories. I wrote a book on fifteen years (and then some) of growing up in the 90’s to present day Kingston/Woodstock, NY music scene called I WILL BE SCENE (named after a Melancholy song) which is available on for a free download. It explains better than I can here the thrills and spills.
The first time I performed a real rock show was nerve wracking, but now I hardy ever get nervous. I remember the first version of Melancholy covered Black Sabbath and some other songs and stunk, but when we finally got a good bassist we began to slowly kick ass and develop our own style. A lot of bands fail to do that these days. It was so liberating to have this community of freaky artist types growing up who all were trying to do different yet conducive and complimentary things. Three played funk/folk/alternative and my bands were always crazy punk influenced, weird groups.
There is no way to describe how cool the early 90’s energy was, because “alternative” was becoming a buzzword. Gaudy a term though it was, people were embracing the underground and being from Woodstock, NY, it was cool to have a punk spirit merge with the older, embedded historical region I come from. Granted, a lot of old hippies didn’t like the racket we were all making, but there were lots of creative people (if not enough venues).
I realized from growing up in Woodstock at that time, the early 90’s, that there was still life in the spirit of 60’s activism, which led me to set up countless concerts in my local community. I felt that kids needed our own outlet, and was deadest on providing it for bands and kids I thought were cooler. Out of this I ended up winning an award for all the benefit shows and concerts I set up with local centers and clubs, and in 1998 was flown to Philly to be a part of a Rock The Vote campaign and I got to help introduce the hip hop group Roots. That was pretty frickin’ great.
The other aspect that has stuck with me is the friends I have made along the way. Though there have been ups and downs with many of them, others have been great and will be with me for life.
I love helping people and discovering new bands. Spreading the word on bands like The Casket Architects, The Arkhams, Nightmares For A Week, Dead Unicorn or Tiger Piss and exposing people to different sounds is great. Exposing myself to people is great!
Also, I could never have imagined the sociology I would learn from taking this path. Giving myself to music wasn’t the most rewarding financial move (hopefully that will change someday), but I ended up learning all about different cities and movements all across the country. I learned to navigate NYC from going there for shows and studying the bands on the scene. I learned better math skills from songwriting with time signature obsessive drummers.
Becoming so engrossed in music also has fueled my other love, writing, and due to a lack of coverage of bands the way I would like to see, it has led me to be involved in music journalism my whole life as well. I love interviewing bands, from when I did controversial high school ‘zines, up to the present where I have been lucky enough to write for national outlets about what I love and talk to some great artists like Filter, Baroness, Saosin, Devin Townsend or Down (to name a few).
Best of all, music gave me the strength to conquer my own demons and to never underestimate music’s ability to heal. It can be used to divide or bridge gaps, and that is magical. I also think it is so important for music scenes to be truly documented for historical context.

-- What’s the craziest/weirdest thing that's happened to you or one of your bands while performing?

One of the greatest live shows I was ever a part of was when an early version of DIVEST played at CBGB’s shortly after 9/11. We were still called Bleed Theory at the time and it was just a week or two after the towers went down. I had just come back from the West Coast, where I was when the tragedy happened, and had traveled the whole way back across the country by bus seeing people’s reactions in different states. It made me think of how humanity is so often these clusters of people across the globe trying to stave off darkness. We create these ideologies to protect ourselves or to feel less afraid at the uncertainty of the Universe, but this sometimes ends up creating irreconcilable barriers between different cultures and religions.
New York clubs had been shut for a week or so after the attacks and people were cautious but still were starting to come outdoors again. The crowd at CBGB’s that night was so grateful to be seeing a live band and participating again in the creative sway of Rock N’ Roll. It was so cathartic to be on that stage that night and feel tapped into that, to be blessed enough in a small way to try and make people feel a little better for a half hour and to channel my own depression as well. It helped stave off some of the grief that was going on in the outside world and my own life at the time.
The wonderful part of playing live is creating these environments where you are literally interacting with people’s lives, like a soundtrack to threads of personalities meeting in some strange club or bar. That to me is “crazy”. There’s no feeling like suddenly realizing you are at the epicenter of a room full of energy. A lot of people don’t respect that enough but it is something you can’t take for granted if you have any platform. Not to be preachy on stage, necessarily, but to use it to try and create a cooler space and open minds. That and/or antagonizing the audience if you feel like it and grabbing people’s drinks from them or giving people’s girlfriends sneaker wedgies and then fighting their boyfriends. That’s the best part.
The actually craziest thing? I don’t know. I threw up in a piano once. I played in a youth center while the ceiling caught fire. Of course lots of stories of kids going crazy and slam dancing. One time my old band DIVEST was playing an Irish bar way up in the Upstate, NY mountains and we covered Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” and one of the guitarists, Dave Parker (now of Weerd Science), was so excited and was jumping around and slipped. He flew several feet through the air like a flying squirrel and had all his amps and guitar case fall on top of him. That was pretty rad.
I dunno, I used to try to kill my band mates sometimes when I was really manic depressive, before I’d learned to deal with my problems. I’d try and make us crash the mini-van in DIVEST and stuff and then wouldn’t remember. That went over well.
On the bright side, DIVEST also opened for some great bands like Unearth and Boysetsfire and worked with the some of the Bad Brains, heroes of mine. It was certainly a crazy feeling to open up for them in New Haven, CT one time. The Bad Brains are legends, Rastas who invented a whole genre of music (hardcore punk).
Another time an early version of DIVEST played this festival benefit where no one came and we were playing this super heavy song “Atlas” and if you watch he footage you see us being idiots and thrashing and then, since it was in a big field, a very little girl in a sun dress skips across the screen blowing bubbles. Not our best show.
I played a Burton snowboards sponsored party with a band I was in called Fuse (before DIVEST/after Melancholy) and that was madness. We got free Jagermeister and Newcastle all night and there were strippers. Orange 9mm was headlining but we somehow played after them. I got broken glass in my foot and didn’t know because I was blacked out in my underwear and so the stage got covered in blood.
I had quite a few seriously drunken gigs which are all in my I WILL BE SCENE book. I got a whole bar shut down four hours early one notorious night. But the best part is the moments where you are playing with your friends and feel free.
My most recent band (that lasted 4 years) was called Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, with my best fiend Nate Kelley (the original Shabutie/Coheed drummer). We really started that band in a dark time as a way to stand up against some bad communication stuff that was going on with other people and also to underscore the long friendship between Nate and I. Writing in that band (a lot of which was conceptual) and performing those songs live, it was an amazing, liberating feeling of having the ability to extend yourself outside the boundaries of your own pain and affect your world through story.

-- What are your hopes for the future of Morgan Evans/Walking Bombs/etc? Where do you hope to go/be/do/see, etc.?

Well, my hopes for myself are health and prosperity and happiness! I have been through a lot and so appreciate every victory however small, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Life as a musician isn’t easy, it is often terrifying and you wonder why you keep doing it. I have never been more than average at a lot of other things, though I apply myself. Music comes naturally and sustains me in important ways. I am lucky to still be alive.
WALKING BOMBS is basically a project that I have set up while in between bands. I decided to stay busy, since I have been interviewing every band in the world for AMP/ and Hails and Horns, but had no project (since Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch broke up) that was active enough for me. The name is about how the bomb is the modern fruit of temptation, like the “Apple of Discord” from Greek mythology. We all have stresses in our lives and beliefs but how we handle them (and differences with others) means strife or co-existence. It also means being able to deal with blood pressure problems!
WALKING BOMBS is me collaborating with different people I have always admired on a song at a time. It is almost like returning back to the idea of singles, like early rock n’ roll days or how Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins is going to do their next record as an 11 volume series of 4 song EP’s!
I wanted to do a song at a time with different people and show my versatility. When we hit ten songs, that’s one record. The first one is called GOOD MORNING, JAVELIN and has collaborations with people like Brain Goss (Dripping Goss/The Duke and The King) and David Bodie (Kayo Dot/Divest). I put the songs up on Myspace as they are completed. It also helps because I am totally broke and so can trick people into recording me (“Hey, wanna collaborate”?). Ha, the truth is that I wanted to work with the people chosen anyway. The main difficulty is consistency in recording quality when working in so many different studios or off someone’s 16 track. It creates spontaneous and unforeseen experiences though.
I am going to keep doing that as my own thing, but also try and find a new, full time band. Writing and making music will always be my chosen route, though I also currently need to find a new job so I can survive. Yay.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I covered a Spin Cycle Lava song.

to hear the "Smothered" cover go to

Just got back from chasing a crazy little dog through the forests and now have to calm her neurotic side because she dunked herself in the river chasing critters. Nice.
Last night I whipped together a rough Spin Cycle Lava cover, a weird take on their old song "Smothered". It was the last track on their 1999 CD PILOT, which was on Error 404 Records. Error 404 also put out a compilation I helped organize back then which featured many local bands of the time like my old band Fuse, Spin Cycle, Shabutie, Closed Third Eye, Jerk Magnet, Mearth, Stealth and a slew more.
Anyway, I always liked that "Smothered" song and the shows with Spin Cycle were almost always a total blast. Some of my favorite memories of playing music.
check out some of their real music @

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Reading THE RULE OF FOUR by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason and it got me thinking about 'forbidden' knowledge and
eventually I was thinking of the Tower Of Babel as a metaphor.

The Tower wasn't dedicated to "God" but instead to Man's glory and according to the Bible we were intended to be scattered
across the Earth,
OK, fine, whatever. I don't see why God would begrudge us knowledge or using our faculties, but in a very simple back and white
interpretation, sure, don't challenge the Old Testament big guy...
When the tower climbed too high, populated by a united humanity all speaking the same language, it was destroyed by God and
languages confounded (allegedly). This supposedly made many languages and cultures and we were scattered across the Earth.
One, this story is very dubious, especially if you have ever studied time-lines of linguistic development, but...the bigger metaphor
I wanted to explore is this= WE CREATED TRUE CONFUSION (aka. a "Babel" punishment) ourselves via religious fanaticism and
intolerance. The seeds of closed minded bias and holier than thou condemnation and abuse of power, so called "moral" reasoning
used to murder and perpetuate endless "holy" wars; these are the intractable idiocies which even in the face of scientific evidence
deny logic and are perpetuated by divisive and fearful, sad little creatures. We NEED a real "Tower", and by this I mean a symbolic
acceptance and sharing of disciplines, ideas and even contradictory beliefs freely debated.
Not everyone has to be culturally the same by any means, but we mus respect one another.
THIS is the true way to ascend AND find, be a part of and mutually create something "holy" within this existence.

"Like all things in the Universe, we are destined from birth to diverge. Time is simply the yardstick of our
separation. If we are particles
in a sea of distance, exploded from an original whole,then there is a science to our solitude. We are lonely in proportion to our years"-

Sunday, August 9, 2009

changing by increments of life/death. (an inventory of fears)

i guess it comes back to the glass half empty debate. lately i have been thinking of my fears. the things i fear most are not being able to take adequate care of my loved ones and also, betrayal. i guess it makes sense then that these have been the most prominent struggles of my life, from being very turbulent (if well intentioned) to being left out in the cold by people i spent ages helping and caring about/rooting for or having fucked up romantic relationships. it is a test, i guess. i don't however buy the whole "we draw it to ourselves" theory, though i do see how a certain karmic lens of seeing would affect situations and allow that TO be the case...I just argue that it is inevitable or that it is done, for lack of a better comparison, in an autonomic fashion. As a solopsist I would pamper myself, hahaha! Fuck the olympic trials!!!
Anyway, people fear change and it is funny because we change our whole lives everyday, and THAT is something out of our control. We die or live in increments all the time, and you have to decide which you are doing.
I am thinking about how after my father's heart attack in 2003 (around the time my band DIVEST was working with Dr Know of Bad Brains and the Applehead Studios guys on our album), my dad became emboldened in many ways and more open, more acute. He had a septuple bypass and lived and has since become, more...the word isn't compatible or "friendly", but i think, easier to communicate with. It's a blessing of the scares we've had that it has removed any pretenses and he takes good care of himself now (though he sneaks the odd cigarette still, which drives me nuts). Another example would be a dear friend and a heroic rock and roll champion i know who has been through so much and just was diagnosed with MS, and another friend who has lived for years with pain from a broken neck.
then i know all these people who have a lot less to complain about and flirt with disaster and cradle themselves, driving with blinders on...and are always so shocked when they crash. they don't ever have time for other's troubles or perspective but DAMN you if you don't mollycoddle theirs. that's not how life works and it is a false bubble. to hell with it.
at the same time, i fully believe in compassion and as easy as it is for me to say (and FUCKING KNOW 100%) that people should know better and have had ample examples around them not to do certain deadly things or that they should respect and know who their real friends have been over the years...well, you have to try and accept that everyone is flawed, just as i have my own (though thank fucking god they aren't those 'cuz i'd kill myself for a hypocrite/coward no matter how good i had it).
wayward roads and deep cadaverns, i'll be taking ass and kicking names (with more style, cuz I don't have the easy tools). the road less traveled is honesty.
but yeah, it's ok. we're all flawed, but that is a two way street.
love is the answer and i have it for everyone, but it is hard not to want to choke out people that you think have wronged you at crucial times until they are blue in the face when it comes to working six days a week and feeling crazy/too stupid to figure a solution out and meanwhile my father goes back in the hospital and my parents are in danger of losing their house.
i read this ashton kutcher (of all people) interview where he said one of the secrets of his success was drawing himself to sucess and putting out a sucessful vibe, and i relate to that, but also am not ashamed of admitting struggles, because it is all part of life and multi-faceted, not just a stigma, as anyone else in this recession or who has ever struggled with addiction or domestic problems/rape aftermath/anything/fill in the blank...(even basic existentialist dread is good enough!..or boredom!) should damn well know. damn it, eat your fortune cookies and pay better attention to each other. this is the 40th anniversary of woodstock, where is the love?
i wanna be more eckhard tolle-esque, though i am a bitter, bitter young man for my 31 years.
i want friends who arent ashamed under ANY circumstances to show where theyve come from and how they got here. fuck everything else, but give peace a chance too. i'm not trying to stir the pot again, just expresing myself without censoring as always. just like i will always keep writing songs against heroin abuse. if you liked them in 2003 and not now, i haven't changed, look at yourselves, 'cuz some new ones are coming and they truthfully AREN'T about anyone in particular...just my point of view.
was talking to a friend the other day about how william s burroughs was so much cooler than half the junkies out there in that atleast he was honest. hide and seek and liars can eat a dick salad, in any walk of life (this is just an all too easy example from mine).
anyway, my band FUSE's "organizm" cd from 1999 is ten years old. it was about struggling with becoming a better person/organizm/lover/cowboy, as is this blog, so it bears toasting. if you wanna reminisce or hear it for the first time.
those were pretty good times, gotta say, i liked a lot of things better.
but, this day and age aint so bad either. you have to accept reality and grow/change with it.
adapt. love.
prove the haters shallow, if the struggle is worth it to you. or just live.
all things take their toll.
i am living...and thankful.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


the ribs on this horse moan like a broken music box but i still see red eyes of fire screaming out "hello,hello,hello." So catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, turn and pump the bellows. We've got to keep this up and fucking moving.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'd find my way home so you'd understand...

Hey everyone
The title track from our incomplete record about differing viewpoints in America, THE GREATER MYTH, is up now at

Nate Kelley semi-mastered it, and it is cool he put it up for you guys to hear.

Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch is not active at this time, but I am hopeful a lot more material will make it's way out to you at random points in the future when we can make it happen.

"The Greater Myth" song is about a soldier who went to Iraq under Bush believing that it was linked to 9/11 and trying to honestly be a good patriot and then realizing he'd been manipulated by Bush and Co.

It also references a character on the record who is the soldier's brother, a professional ball player who starts out honest and then uses lots of steroids to cheat.

The other perspective on the album is about my own, basically beign a struggling musician in an often dishonest industry or scene...but this song is straight forward, an anti-war song from a confused soldier trying to figure out the right thing to do.

Hope you like it.
Wish it came out while Bush was in office, lol, but it is still relevant,
War is hell.
That said, I saw an awesome bumper sticker yesterday this redneck had that showed a target symbol and said "This is my peace sign" ahahaha!

The Pontius line up on the song "The Greater Myth" is Seth Bulkin on bass, Kirk Hansen and Nate Kelley on guitars, Justin Zipperle on drums and myself, Morgan Y Evans on vocals.

It was recorded at Leopard Studios by Jimmy Goodman.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We've finally got a piece of the pie

today LAMB OF GOD was 7th most popular search on all of Yahoo! Awesome.

funny how being a metal head makes me get so much stupid pleasure from something so silly like that, but I guess it is just nice to know they are probably annoying someone.

Today was great. I mean, relatively...No, it was pretty rad.

I interviewed Jarboe which was very exciting, one of my favorite artists ever. She is just amazing and we got to have really involved conversations on all manner of stuff from songwriting to aesthetics to spiritual stuff and philosophy, so it was a real treat and also a nice reminder that art is the life force and you have to nurture it. You can't let it be other than what it must be for anyone else's sake. It should be born as it is intended.

Show your true colors.

Was also thinking a lot about Coatlicue, the serpent skirted diety. Death and birth and personification and the feminine power in nature. Subverted of her Chthonic roles by Christian "conquerors". Really they were selling themselves short.

My stomach is really bothering me. Worried I might have an ulcer.
Have no money and work six days a week + all the writing. Not so fun right now struggling like this but I really, really believe in it.

Seeds and death and shoots and old roots and what goes leaves fertilizer.

There's always something more out there. I am not settling or fully satisfied (by a long shot, ha!) but atleast I have some comfort in that if it all was over today, I know I have done some good, even though I'd be lost to time...then again, so shall we all be...

Look deep into any eyes you dare.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's our call. We're not the lost.

Interviewing Weerd Science for AMP this week, and also rest of Mours, many of whom were in DIVEST with me. Gonna be cool, as when DIVEST broke up and Parker got the Coheed gig, Nate Kelley and I started Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch stronger and most of the rest of DIVEST ended up in the short lived Counterfeit Disaster project, which has a lot of same members as Mours.
We've butted heads hard at times but it has really smoothed out lately and I am thankful for that.
As for Pontius, we're still giving it a go. We hope to find a label this year or atleast a way to get more wind in our sails. It's hard because all the miscommunication and battling between us and Coheed and stuff over the last few years was rough, but no one can say we haven't done whatever victories we've had on our own. We've fought hard to keep this band alive and hopefully it'll continue to remain that way. And I'm glad relations have improved mostly all around even if they aren't ideal.
I really want to record PPSP's two records worth of material and get satisfactory results. Especially the song "Rain Bridge", that this blog was named after and that represents the formative years of the scene I've lived in that spawned all these bands starting around 1994.
Make it yours.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Nuff Said.

Rev. Lowery in the inauguration Benediction:
"help us to make choices on the side of love, not hate; on the side of inclusion, not exclusion; tolerance, not intolerance."


Monday, January 19, 2009


"these wounds will heal and nothing can stop me now"

Listening to "Convalescence" by Darkest Hour from their mighty Undoing Ruin record and it's the last day of Bush 2nd term. 10:10 EST MLK Day. How fitting a date to see him out the door. The truly darkened skeptic in me wonders if it was all arranged but I can't let myself be that cynical.

Really tired today. Can't seem to get it going.

Man, the percussion and guitars in this song right before the solo pack such a wallop.

But yeah, last night my job was a clusterfuck. Owner inexplicably sent the busser home early and then we got mobbed and were stretched too thin. Had a crazy Italian family with 5 noisy (and I mean NOISY, as in, noisier than Darkest Hour,lol) come in without a reservation. They drove away tables and were super needy and left a big mess and whined a lot. How can you be such a gross/unaware person?

I can't imagine in a million years acting like that in a restaraunt, except for like, being wasted in shitty diners which doesn't count.

Anyway, gotta take the dog out. Trying to motivate and move my bones. Eating plain oatmeal with nothing.

Thinking of starting yet another project, was talking w Joe Maggio (ex Watch You Burn,ex-DIVEST, current Acid Arrow guitarist) about it. I want to do just a serious, straight forward hard-core band called The Walking Bombs.
I like how the name could be totally positive or negative, like a suicide bomber or someone going postal but I mean it in the positive sense of being a weapon of your ideals and intellect, not a cowardly way to not communicate and be a fanatic while hoping you'll be rewarded with virgins or getting to shake hands with Mitt Romney or something.

I want to do something really basic but awesome, just straight up hard core. Haven't done much in my "career" and have always been a fan. DIVEST did a tune "me casa su casa" about bad communication ruining friendships "tongue tied = true crime" (a lyric I revisited in a song "Moving Days" by Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch which needs to be released really bad!). Anyway///

Just another attempt to tackle every style I love and to create some, if possible.

Embracing today as a moment of change and hoping for the best.
Going to walk out into the cold, let the puppy relieve her little bladder and get on with my day.

Only have one or two days off from a week spent scrambling for money. Not scrambling for recognition anymore, just working hard and hoping for the best and keeping on doing what I do. People can sift my intentions and character from that and take it or leave it. I've done a lot for everybody.

Been watching Buddhist lectures about karma operating not as we mispercive it in the west like "destiny" but rather as the accumulated energy of our thoughts and deeds. If tragedy strikes, you have to try and not feel crushed, but learn how to survive it in yourself. Fair or not, simply is and you shouldn't be happy about it or neutral to the point of not caring about yourself, i believe, but you do have to be able to adjust and accept life as full of different modalities and comings and goings to ever be released from Samsara even a tiny bit.

so don't blow yourself up to get pussy, kids, lol..."God' knows your real motivations, lol...Oh,man.

"Low" by DH is on the music player now and ripping through the room. Never listened to much Darkest Hour, one of those bands who've been around years but you can't follow everyone. Saw them at Warped once and thought they were great, playing a little tent and ripping it in half anyway to a small crowd while everyone else nearby was waiting for The Transplants. People could've watched these dudes while they waited.

Anyway, my Sepultura and Wino interviews both got delayed this week. Literally ten minutes before Sep interview my phone died inexplicably. Have internet obviously but need to get maintenance person over here to check wiring. I know Delish upstairs don't have a landline so can't ask him.

Andreas cancelled all interviews that day anyway, I found out a little later, I was relieved. I've never missed an interview.

Got Cattle Decapitation with Travis Ryan turned in though last night so am stoked for that.
Onward and upward.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza Strip Tease

The endless violence continues...
Thinking about Gaza Strip, the recent sad. It's back to the "eye for an eye". I get it in many respects. If someone hurt my family I'd want to fucking destroy them. Hard to be Buddhist about that. Same time, though I have had conflict with people in my life I always try and bridge it and be objective...still, in a huge political arena or between different factions or ethnic or religious groups it is much more complex. Look at Norwegian black metal and how some bands like Gorgoroth think Church Burning should continue. I don't think that helps. Some of the Norse Churches burned in the 90's were ancient landmarks and if Satanism is about "freedom of self" to some of these bands then they should understand others wanting a right to worship their own choice. In Norway though, as in many places and throughout history, I understand that the Christian religion was enforced upon people and is very hypocritical throughout time. I personally have a very progressive and non-orthodox view of all religions, even a scientific view, yet one that allows room for a creator.
So violence polarizes more people and begets itself. And as for hypocrisy...the various violent Inquisitions of history, for example, were certainly not preaching love to the tortured (usually women).
It's just a shame that it is almost a way to continue fighting...a guarantee that someone will want to retaliate. Gaza Strip Tease...provocation entices more provocation...and what bleeds leads in other parts of the world. It is always in someone's interest to spread fear. Throw religion into the mix and ...kablaaam! Dead innocents.
I am looking fwd to interviewing one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists ever Andreas from Sepultura on Thurs. The new Sep LP is called "A-Lex" and focuses on Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" book as inspiration. I want to ask him about the themes of the book, of course, where the rape and violence committed by Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE results in his own freedom of choice being raped by Brainwashing. The question is...where does the line get drawn?

Do we trust the government to dole out the death penalty if we can't trust the government? How can we properly process or "treat" criminals or interrogate them no matter how dire our need?

Anyhow...Explorer web browser is what doffed PC a day or so back but we switched to Firefox and problem solved. Viruses hadda get cleared out. Was a pain in the ass. More soon, broadcasting into the dark.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Night, Good Morning, Wherever You Are.

Hello lovelies.
This is my first post at these digs and it is a crisp winter night in January o9. A few, well, a week and a few days left of Bush and it is near passe to complain about the bastard at this point but the real question is...what can he bugger up in the next few, final hours of his "Presidency"?
I have had a bad week and am worried he will make it worse somehow before the door hits him in the ass.
trying to go on a new diet, not for losing weight but because I took anti-biotics for two months 'cuz I couldn't afford a fucking root canal or two and just ended up taking them way longer than was a good idea. System is all fubar as a result. Trying to rebalance. But it is exciting. Will be eating lotsa spinach.
Other news. Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, my band with Nate Kelley, is not gonna be playing any shows until March and hopefully will after that. Nate is touring with Ism nationally opening for Trust Company. He got a gig with those dudes as a percussionist and it is gonna be great for Nate. It's good to see one of my oldest friends touring and doing what he loves best.
Pontius needs some more momentum. We all work hard and have lives and aren't rich or even well known. We have been slept on by idiots, really. But whatever. I am always gonna be making music one way or the other but I love this band and it is sacred music to me and a vital part of my life. We have two records written that are both incomplete, a noir detective concept record SENSE AND JUDGEMENT and THE GREATER MYTH, about different lifestyles in America.
We are dedicated to this baby and all yet also like any band have a lot of challenges keeping it going in our lives without more support.
Whine, whine...sure...not trying to say you can't do it yourself but everyone knows it is a lot of work and times are tough these days. I would love for us to find a label for the band as we are also spread far apart these days. Hopefully we can generate some interest even while Nate is on tour with Ism.
Last PPSP show we played was Dec at Fontanas in NYC w SHE WOLVES, the awesomest band of bruisers you need to love. Got to meet Sean Yseult which was cool. She was hanging at show with her husband Chris from Supagroup, who I did not get to meet in the fray of the drunken night but whose brother I interviewed once. They are from New Orleans and related to Bruce Lee, seriously.
Anyway, other news is I just interviewed SUPERSUCKERS guitarist Rontrose Heathman this week who is one of the best there is. It's gonna be at CRUSHER in a couple days. Their new album GET IT TOGETHER is great and legit. Also Talkin' to Wino (guitar legend) and Sepultura later in the week. Very excited about both, especially Wino.
Otherwise, waitin' tables and keepin' able. You know.
My second sci-fi novel FERALYSIS is creeping along, hopefully I won't lose the whole thing though due to a pesky PC virus. Didn't notice security was down for a day and the bed bug bit.
11:00 p.m.
Searching for momentum, making it my own way, whatever I can do to keep inspired. I love my family. Holidays were good if tight in the purse but we all made it great. Cambria, my sister, has moved to Providence though, which is far from Upstate,NY but not too bad, really.
I wish I got to see her more. We drove around before she went with me and my girlfriend's dog Nooni and went for a walk in the snow. Cambria was obsessed with hot chocolate that day.
Tonight is just a hello, people. Just talking about my life more in this space. I do formal announcements of my writing at my Myspace page

Think this blog is gonna say some of that as you can see above, but talk about my life even more also. Just wanna try and do it. We'll see. I might never post again here, haha!