Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'd find my way home so you'd understand...

Hey everyone
The title track from our incomplete record about differing viewpoints in America, THE GREATER MYTH, is up now at

Nate Kelley semi-mastered it, and it is cool he put it up for you guys to hear.

Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch is not active at this time, but I am hopeful a lot more material will make it's way out to you at random points in the future when we can make it happen.

"The Greater Myth" song is about a soldier who went to Iraq under Bush believing that it was linked to 9/11 and trying to honestly be a good patriot and then realizing he'd been manipulated by Bush and Co.

It also references a character on the record who is the soldier's brother, a professional ball player who starts out honest and then uses lots of steroids to cheat.

The other perspective on the album is about my own, basically beign a struggling musician in an often dishonest industry or scene...but this song is straight forward, an anti-war song from a confused soldier trying to figure out the right thing to do.

Hope you like it.
Wish it came out while Bush was in office, lol, but it is still relevant,
War is hell.
That said, I saw an awesome bumper sticker yesterday this redneck had that showed a target symbol and said "This is my peace sign" ahahaha!

The Pontius line up on the song "The Greater Myth" is Seth Bulkin on bass, Kirk Hansen and Nate Kelley on guitars, Justin Zipperle on drums and myself, Morgan Y Evans on vocals.

It was recorded at Leopard Studios by Jimmy Goodman.