Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We've finally got a piece of the pie

today LAMB OF GOD was 7th most popular search on all of Yahoo! Awesome.

funny how being a metal head makes me get so much stupid pleasure from something so silly like that, but I guess it is just nice to know they are probably annoying someone.

Today was great. I mean, relatively...No, it was pretty rad.

I interviewed Jarboe which was very exciting, one of my favorite artists ever. She is just amazing and we got to have really involved conversations on all manner of stuff from songwriting to aesthetics to spiritual stuff and philosophy, so it was a real treat and also a nice reminder that art is the life force and you have to nurture it. You can't let it be other than what it must be for anyone else's sake. It should be born as it is intended.

Show your true colors.

Was also thinking a lot about Coatlicue, the serpent skirted diety. Death and birth and personification and the feminine power in nature. Subverted of her Chthonic roles by Christian "conquerors". Really they were selling themselves short.

My stomach is really bothering me. Worried I might have an ulcer.
Have no money and work six days a week + all the writing. Not so fun right now struggling like this but I really, really believe in it.

Seeds and death and shoots and old roots and what goes leaves fertilizer.

There's always something more out there. I am not settling or fully satisfied (by a long shot, ha!) but atleast I have some comfort in that if it all was over today, I know I have done some good, even though I'd be lost to time...then again, so shall we all be...

Look deep into any eyes you dare.