Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza Strip Tease

The endless violence continues...
Thinking about Gaza Strip, the recent escalation...so sad. It's back to the "eye for an eye". I get it in many respects. If someone hurt my family I'd want to fucking destroy them. Hard to be Buddhist about that. Same time, though I have had conflict with people in my life I always try and bridge it and be objective...still, in a huge political arena or between different factions or ethnic or religious groups it is much more complex. Look at Norwegian black metal and how some bands like Gorgoroth think Church Burning should continue. I don't think that helps. Some of the Norse Churches burned in the 90's were ancient landmarks and if Satanism is about "freedom of self" to some of these bands then they should understand others wanting a right to worship their own choice. In Norway though, as in many places and throughout history, I understand that the Christian religion was enforced upon people and is very hypocritical throughout time. I personally have a very progressive and non-orthodox view of all religions, even a scientific view, yet one that allows room for a creator.
So violence polarizes more people and begets itself. And as for hypocrisy...the various violent Inquisitions of history, for example, were certainly not preaching love to the tortured (usually women).
It's just a shame that it is almost a way to continue fighting...a guarantee that someone will want to retaliate. Gaza Strip Tease...provocation entices more provocation...and what bleeds leads in other parts of the world. It is always in someone's interest to spread fear. Throw religion into the mix and ...kablaaam! Dead innocents.
I am looking fwd to interviewing one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists ever Andreas from Sepultura on Thurs. The new Sep LP is called "A-Lex" and focuses on Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" book as inspiration. I want to ask him about the themes of the book, of course, where the rape and violence committed by Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE results in his own freedom of choice being raped by Brainwashing. The question is...where does the line get drawn?

Do we trust the government to dole out the death penalty if we can't trust the government? How can we properly process or "treat" criminals or interrogate them no matter how dire our need?

Anyhow...Explorer web browser is what doffed PC a day or so back but we switched to Firefox and problem solved. Viruses hadda get cleared out. Was a pain in the ass. More soon, broadcasting into the dark.