Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Night, Good Morning, Wherever You Are.

Hello lovelies.
This is my first post at these digs and it is a crisp winter night in January o9. A few, well, a week and a few days left of Bush and it is near passe to complain about the bastard at this point but the real question is...what can he bugger up in the next few, final hours of his "Presidency"?
I have had a bad week and am worried he will make it worse somehow before the door hits him in the ass.
trying to go on a new diet, not for losing weight but because I took anti-biotics for two months 'cuz I couldn't afford a fucking root canal or two and just ended up taking them way longer than was a good idea. System is all fubar as a result. Trying to rebalance. But it is exciting. Will be eating lotsa spinach.
Other news. Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, my band with Nate Kelley, is not gonna be playing any shows until March and hopefully will after that. Nate is touring with Ism nationally opening for Trust Company. He got a gig with those dudes as a percussionist and it is gonna be great for Nate. It's good to see one of my oldest friends touring and doing what he loves best.
Pontius needs some more momentum. We all work hard and have lives and aren't rich or even well known. We have been slept on by idiots, really. But whatever. I am always gonna be making music one way or the other but I love this band and it is sacred music to me and a vital part of my life. We have two records written that are both incomplete, a noir detective concept record SENSE AND JUDGEMENT and THE GREATER MYTH, about different lifestyles in America.
We are dedicated to this baby and all yet also like any band have a lot of challenges keeping it going in our lives without more support.
Whine, whine...sure...not trying to say you can't do it yourself but everyone knows it is a lot of work and times are tough these days. I would love for us to find a label for the band as we are also spread far apart these days. Hopefully we can generate some interest even while Nate is on tour with Ism.
Last PPSP show we played was Dec at Fontanas in NYC w SHE WOLVES, the awesomest band of bruisers you need to love. Got to meet Sean Yseult which was cool. She was hanging at show with her husband Chris from Supagroup, who I did not get to meet in the fray of the drunken night but whose brother I interviewed once. They are from New Orleans and related to Bruce Lee, seriously.
Anyway, other news is I just interviewed SUPERSUCKERS guitarist Rontrose Heathman this week who is one of the best there is. It's gonna be at CRUSHER in a couple days. Their new album GET IT TOGETHER is great and legit. Also Talkin' to Wino (guitar legend) and Sepultura later in the week. Very excited about both, especially Wino.
Otherwise, waitin' tables and keepin' able. You know.
My second sci-fi novel FERALYSIS is creeping along, hopefully I won't lose the whole thing though due to a pesky PC virus. Didn't notice security was down for a day and the bed bug bit.
11:00 p.m.
Searching for momentum, making it my own way, whatever I can do to keep inspired. I love my family. Holidays were good if tight in the purse but we all made it great. Cambria, my sister, has moved to Providence though, which is far from Upstate,NY but not too bad, really.
I wish I got to see her more. We drove around before she went with me and my girlfriend's dog Nooni and went for a walk in the snow. Cambria was obsessed with hot chocolate that day.
Tonight is just a hello, people. Just talking about my life more in this space. I do formal announcements of my writing at my Myspace page

Think this blog is gonna say some of that as you can see above, but talk about my life even more also. Just wanna try and do it. We'll see. I might never post again here, haha!