Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My fave 10 records of 2009

1.Eagle Twin-THE UNKINDNESS OF CROWS(for two years in a row Utah of all places has the distinction of being the state responsible for my fave album of the year. Last year my fave record was Sub Rosa's STREGA. Eagle Twin's Southern Lord debut is beyond massive.
4.Giant Squid-THE ICTHYOLOGIST (mind-altering murk)
5.Mastodon-CRACK THE SKYE (can't help it. Stoner weirdo metal rules this year by far).
6.Cattle Decapitation-THE HARVEST FLOOR. (undeniable grind brutality)
7.The 69 Eyes-BACK IN BLOOD (best rock n' roll goth sleaze)
8.Wino-PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM (amazing solo release from the stoner rock legend+ w JP from Clutch on drums. Held up all year against many records even though it came out very early in '09).
9. A Day To Remember-HOMESICK (Victory Records boy's make pop/crossover gigantic and lots of fun even at it's poppiest. These songs have heart. Big guilty pleasure).
10.Nightmares For A Week-A FLOOD TOMORROW e.p.(outstanding job, boys! Feels like an album)