Friday, December 4, 2009

KNUCKLEDIVER reunion show+SO MUCH FOR US Woodstock/Kingston scene photo book release!

The very unlikely has happened and the beast known as Knucklediver is gonna rise from the grave for a special Hudson Valley,NY underground music scene photo book release show. Not sure which members are gonna show up but we have not played since 1997 and let's just say it was never very organized in the first place! So... this is gonna be a wild fucking night. Lock up your Jameson/daughters/silverware.

The Basement,Broadway.Kingston,NY presents...
Saturday, December 12th
"So Much For Us" book release party w/
Reunion Show!!!

Bears With Wings
plus a listening party featuring local underground music legends

"So Much for Us" is a photo album chronicling the underground music scene of Woodstock and Kingston, New York during the late 90s and early 00s.

Bands include: Melancholy, Knucklediver, Fistfight, Shabutie, Pitchfork Militia, Jerk Magnet, Mearth, Slipfist, Joey's Throwing Elbows, Slugworth, 3, Brain Fuck Daddy, Vein Feed, Teknodrome, Stripsearch, Faedra's Ex Boyfriends, Stealth, Fuse, The Phlegm Chuckers, Cirrhosis, Bluefoot Nation, Pleonasm, Bleed Theory, Anadivine, Coheed and Cambria, and Divest.

The book was designed and edited by Zac Shaw, founder of local scene zine Pull, on which most of the book is based

Doors at 9pm
(Ages 21+, FREE) (Ages 18-20, $5)