Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I won’t kill you, kid. You’re the only friend I’ve got. (I AGAINST I)

I could have gone with “we all have it coming, kid” but decided to be more PMA. That said, this country is always a stupid fucking pendulum. It’s not that I can’t even get mad anymore. Everyone knows that isn’t true. Still, I feel a disconnect from most people nowadays. It’s not that I got too into Hinduism or am a nice guy (I am, but…) seriously…I feel like I just see through everyone (including myself). I keep up on politics and the whole 9 and stay informed way more than the average manipulated fucktard in their backyard, but I feel like everyone misses the point and is totally trigger happy based on their own insecurities and/or life experience. I remember crossing whole U.S.A. on a busride BACK to NYC on week of 9/11 and everyone no matter who they are were just holding their kids and scared shitless and didn’t know what to believe and the best of these people clung to their neighbors of any background and the familiar. Listen, your experience matters but doesn’t. Mine does but doesn’t. We all very much matter but are all part of the bigger picture. If you dis Dre you dis yourself. It comes down to what they told me when I took a drug counseling class at Ulster County Community College back when I was completely brain damaged and scared and ignorant like the young buck in UNFORGIVEN aiming to take a shot at the big time. Difference between me and others in class back in ( I think was ’95…)…was I was shooting dope and taking acid everyday and at age 16 was youngest student in the college. I was trying to take a class as deep cover so that I would pretend to be a counselor in training but really not try to overdose by mixing wrong. Saved my life, eventually. Anyway, buzz word phrase was “set and setting”. What you expect to happen (comfort zone) and what you encounter is the whole nag/bag of tricks. It means what your beliefs and level of will to participate/vibe determines your ability to adapt to things outside your usual parameter of macaroni. Bottom line, we are all chicken shits and prefer to harp like experts rather than entertain other people’s ideas. JAI KALI MAHA DEVI. I against I against I. I just watched UNFORGIVEN with my “black” friend Troy (who loves the Bullet Boys) on a weds. Night in Kingston, NY and am really sad our country is so polarized and too dumb to fuck or remember anything. All we do is make the same mistakes every single party after party after shitty party. That’s why I am not a slut. Business is not bad. Regulation is not bad. Tug of war= bad.


P.S. “acting on your best behavior/turn your back on Mother Nature.”

4 realz.