Monday, March 7, 2011

Radio Deviation & CRUSHER MAGAZINE do a "Marvel team up".

check out my buddy Kyle's RADIO DEVIATION site, where he always plays a great variety of music. this week he was gracious enough to ask me to make a guest appearance selecting tracks by artist's I have had the pleasure of interviewing in the last two years that I have been writing for Crusher Magazine. I met Christine from Crusher at a Cycle Sluts From Hell reunion show in NYC a few years ago via our mutual friend Dava She Wolf and it has been a gas writing for the site ever since. I chose a variety of artists for the stream and you can find my original interviews with these bands at the Crusher site. Looks like I went a little heavy on the NYC noise rock CBGB's alumni ala Jarboe, Prong, (older) White Zombie and some Candiria, but it all rules. Also tossed in some complimentary tracks by Melvins, Moonspell, Cattle Decapitation and more. Check it out! Kyle has some very cool comments incorporated as well as some excerpts from my aticles.